Meadow View Junior Academy
Information Page

Information Page


• Student-led Spiritual Activities
• Weekly Worships
• Three Weeks of Prayer Annually
• Community Outreach
• Monthly Day of Fasting & Prayer
• Agape Feasts
. School Choir/ Bell Choir

 High School - Griggs Int.
• College Preparation • Achievement tests (TAP)

Principal 7th 8th 9th and 10th Grade Teacher      -  Malou Saint- Ulysse.

Vice Principal/ KG -2nd Grade Teacher                 -  Melanie Freeth.

 3rd-6th Grade Teacher                                          -  Eder Dominguez

​Language Arts Grades 3rd-6th                               -  Janelle Carnahan
Band Teacher (Violin)                                -  Daniel Arrebato
Compensatory Education                          -  Melissa Fontana
Home and School Leader                          -  Yvonne Pendergast
Treasurer/Admin                                        -  Michelle Fisher
School Nurse                                             -  Diane Atabek.
Speech Teacher                                         -  Cathy Wajda

• 100% Full time teachers hold NAD Professional Certificates •


• Internet Access in all classrooms/Computer Lab

  • Intramural Sports


Tuition  Monthly Fees:

Kindergarten -Eighth Grade  
                                                1st  Student in family  $400.00 per month
                                                2nd Student in family  $380.00 per month
                                                3rd  Student in family  $370.00 per month
                                                4th  Student in family  $200.00 per month
                                                5th  Student  in family $200.00 per month

Ninth and Tenth Grade Tuition   -  All students $550.00 per month

Registration Fees :    Grade K-8      $300.00   
                                    Grade 9-10     $500.00                         
Music Fee.                                         $200.00(Annual Fee)
Technology Fee                               $100.00 (Annual Fee)

* Please call the school for more details 609-298-1122

We offer pizza for sale on Tuesday and a pizza lunch is prepared and for sale on Thursday.



241 Bordentown Chesterfield Rd • Chesterfield, NJ 08515 • 609-298-1122